srijeda, 15. ožujka 2017.

ELF story- 5. poglavlje

As they were sailing, they saw another island. They started to sail faster and after a little time, they reached the island. It was quite big, with lots of trees and bushes. They ran in the middle of the island to sleep and eat.
   They were sleeping, when one of the Toads felt a little shake. He got up and he saw a volcano ready to erupt. He woke up his friends. They were in panic and their friend calmed them down. They decided to run to the opposite side of the volcano. As they were running, they heard a loud sound.
   They started to run faster and they found a big cave that they could use as a shelter. They went in the cave immediately. They were afraid. Some minutes later, the volcano got finally inactive. The Toads found a small well near the cave. Behind the well there were trees with lots of fruit.

   While they were walking to the well, they felt something tough under their feet. They were digging for some minutes and they found gold!  <<But how can we move this gold? It’s too much so the barrels will sink! >>

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